Common iPhone Issues and How to Fix Them

You’re in bed scrolling through your phone when it freezes up for about the third time that night. The difference this time is that it doesn’t’ start responding again after a little bit. You’ve tried everything to fix the issue but you’re at the end of your rope.

Screen freezing isn’t the only common iPhone issues that users experience. There are tons that typically occur after an update. Are you ready to be able to use your phone like normal again?

Keep reading to learn more about these common problems and how you might be able to deal with them before taking it in for repairs.

1. White Screen of Death

There are many things that can cause your iPhone to display a white screen of death. Maybe something went wrong when it tried to update or it's experiencing a hardware issue. Either way, you won't be able to use your phone again until the problem is fixed.

Before you do a hard reset on your phone, attempt the tried and true turn it off and turn it back on again method. If that doesn't work then yeah, restore your phone to factory settings.

If the factory reset doesn't work don't worry, you haven't lost all your data in vain. You can boot your phone up in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode.

Keep in mind that you will lose your data no matter if start it in DFU mode or factory reset it. So be sure your important stuff gets sent to the Cloud before you try these methods.

2. No Wi-Fi

It's annoying when your phone won't sync up to the Wi-Fi. Especially if you have limited data. The simplest fix to this problem is to swipe up to get to your phone's control center.

From there, tap the Wi-Fi button to turn it off, wait a few seconds, and tap it again. If that doesn't fix your issue, repeat the process but with airplane mode instead.

If that doesn't work, go to your settings>Wi-Fi and click the network that you're attempting to sync up to. Click on "forget network" and then try to connect again.

If none of these options work then restart your router because the problem is with your Wi-Fi Network in that case, not the phone.

3. No Update

Your phone needs to be able to update in order to fix common problems and give you the latest in service. The problem is sometimes your phone will tell you that there is no update when you know there is one.

If this happens, plug your phone into your Mac computer or PC. Once it's plugged in, do a force restart. That will put your phone into recovery mode.

When your phone is in recovery mode, you will see an option to update it. Confirm and let it update.

If the update option doesn't pop up you will sadly have to restore your phone to factory settings. After you boot your phone back up it will automatically update itself to the newest OS.

4. Lost Data

You turn on your phone and all your data is gone. You don't even have access to your contacts. Once you get past the initial panic, the fix for this problem is quite simple if you've been backing your data up to the Cloud.

After you sync your phone up to the Cloud all of your data will come back. If your phone syncs up to the Cloud and you don't get all your data back, that data is most likely lost in the void.

5. Freezing Phone

You're looking up a recipe on your phone to cook for dinner and the phone freezes. It's annoying but the screen should unfreeze once you turn the device off and back on again.

If resetting the phone doesn't work then it may need an update. If there is no update available or the update doesn't work, a factory reset should do the trick. Make sure you back up all your data to the Cloud first.  

6. iPhone Overheating

If you leave your phone in direct sunlight on a hot summer day, it will run hot and refuse to function. When this happens all you have to do is take the case off and let it sit indoors for a while until it cools off.

If your phone is running hot in the dead of winter, then this method won't work as well. Still, take off the case because that will help the device regulate its temperature somewhat.

Look over the device to see if you have any debris clogging up the holes. Give the processor a break by turning off your Bluetooth and location settings. Exit out of all mobile games until the phone has cooled.

7. The Phone Won't Charge

You're late for work because the alarm on your phone doesn't go off to wake you. Turns out even though you plugged your device in before you went to bed, it didn't charge through the night.

Try cleaning any dirt and debris out of the charge port. Check your phone charger to make sure it's compatible with iPhones.

Look the USB cord over for any frays or broken places. Plug a different device into the wall to see if your outlet is the problem.

Annoying iPhone Issues and How to Fix Them

Is your phone showing one of these common iPhone issues? If so, it's not too hard to fix them even if some of the fixes require a factory reset. Use this guide when your phone starts acting up to keep your device in working order.

Did our list of quick fixes not work for you? You might need to take your phone to a repair shop. Go here to get an estimate on our services.