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A Quality Cell Phone Repair can be the difference between a device that looks and works like new vs continuous complications with your gadget. All of our repairs undergo a thorough check before it is handed over to you to ensure your satisfaction.

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Is your iPhone screen cracked or does your iPhone battery need to be replaced? Let the professionals at Tech it repair your iPhone back to like  new condition regardless of which model you have, we fix them all. Wether you need your iPhone X repair or iPhone 7 repair, rest assured our certified  techs will take care of it in no time.

Is your cell phone screen cracked or does your cell phone battery need to be replaced? Let the professionals at Tech it repair your cell phone back to like new condition, we fix them all. So, next time something happens that causes your cell phone to malfunction, and you need it fixed, fast! You can count on Tech it for all of your cell phone repair needs.

You drop your iPad and the screen cracks, sound familiar? These accidents don't have to ruin your day, let us help you fix your iPad problem.Our techs are highly trained to repair all generations of iPads. So, next time you need an iPad screen replacement or iPad battery replacement you know Tech it has you covered.

At Tech it, we know how important it is for your Tablet Repair to be done right the first time. Wether you need a Samsung Galaxy Tab Repair or Microsoft Tablet, we can get you back connected with your studies, work or family. Bring in your Tablet for a free diagnostics today!

If your Macbook is running slow, rest assured Tech it offers a wide range of Macbook Repair Services at the most competitive prices in the industry. Regardless if you need a Macbook screen replacement or on, bring your Macbook in so we can get you reconnected to what matters most.

If your Apple Watch Screen cracks, rest assured the team at Tech it will give you a free Apple Watch Screen Repair quote within minutes! Regardless if your Apple Watch is cracked or your battery is dying faster than its true performance we have you covered with a fast turn around repair at a fair and affordable price. You can visit or call any one of our locations at your convenience with one located in Arlington, TX and another in Mansfield, TX


Sure, we repair broken devices. But we don’t think of it as fixing broken devices. We think of it as catching close calls, rebooking lost dinner plans, and making bad days look a bit brighter. We think of it as saving the day. After all, your technology is central to your life. Your technology repair should be the same. Whether you come to us for cell phone repair, laptop repair, tablet repair, or any other mobile device you use to run your life, we are here to be more than just a repair shop. You can rely on us for you and your technology. At TECH IT, we like to think of ourselves as a solution provider with a "save the day" mentality. Our mission is not just to switch out a battery or slap on a new screen.

Our mission is to make your device as good as new so that you can walk out our door feeling better than the moment when you came in, getting you reconnected. And if your devices do need to be replaced, we have you covered with refurbished devices that run as though they’re fresh out of the box, at 60-70% of the price you would have paid to get it brand new. Because if technology exists to make your life easier, your trusted technology repair shop should do the same. 

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We know that in the digital age, going without your tech simply isn’t an option. But we also know that unless you share a last name with a tech giant, you can’t afford to replace your technology every time it breaks down. Plus, you know your technology. You like your technology. You want it to live a long and happy life with you.

That’s why most of our services focus on prolonging the life cycle of your technology. Tech it is here to make tech work for you, not offer you an overpriced replacement.

We are trained to diagnose and repair brands from Apple iPhone to Dell to Samsung to Motorola to LG to Sony and more. We know electronics, and our experienced technicians can help solve your biggest tech crises so you can be out the door and on with your life in no time with your gadget back to just like new.

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In case you couldn’t tell, we’re not your average cell phone repair shop. In our eyes, we’re so much more than that.

Tech it is your global mobile solutions provider. We’re your go-to fix-it guys. We are your mobile repair shop with a difference. But more than that, you can consider us your backbone support network when it comes to anything TECH.

Our customers are the backbone of our service just as we are their backbone support network, which is why we always put our customers first. Here to support you the way your technology supports you--quickly, easily, and effectively. Because life happens, but your device breakdowns don’t have to, at least not for long. Come see why our customers are raving about our Same Day iPhone Repairs.

Original Factory

We only source OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEM compliant parts for all smartphone repairs and computer repair. This ensures quick and efficient work that bring your cell phone or tablet back to life. Consider it to be Just Like new!

No Strings Attached,
Free Diagnostic

Our highly trained technicians are here when you need them, whenever you need them. Tech it is not just a repair shop, consider us your neighborhood friend that knows everything Tech! That being said we are happy to provide our customers with Free Diagnostics on all devices.

Price Match

Our local price match guarantee ensures that you get a quality product at a better price than all of our competitors in town. You get the best parts and world-class service backed with our unmatched warranty.


Our product quality is backed by a team of experts. We put our money where our mouth is and give you the only 1-year warranty on labor and parts in town. This way we ensure a service built around your comfort.  

Smart Buy

Latest devices without the price tag that comes with it. What makes it a smart buy is the as good as new devices you get and the outstanding warranty included in all of our devices.

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Smart Repairs

To us, fixing your phone isn't just about replacing parts, it is about relieving stress, frustration, and getting you back on track as soon as possible.
We are so confident about our repairs that you will always be guaranteed the repair parts and labor.

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