Huawei reveals how many foldable phones it has sold

Huawei Foldable Phone
Over 100,000 Mate X phones which was released on November 15th to the public

Samsung reveals that it sold over 400,000 foldable phones during the CES 2020 event, which is a staggering number considering the price point on these phones.

Recently Huawei revealed that it sold over 100,000 Mate X phones which was released on November 15th to the public but still that would put the total number of sold  devices today at around 200,000.. Now these numbers only show how many they sold in China specifically, due to recent news on their US ban, which goes to show the potential if they were able to sale in other countries.

If we were to compare Samsung and Huawei, the Samsung Fold had a much broader reach selling in other countries since last year in September but it just hit in China a week before the Mate X launched and does not seem to be causing any slow downs with numbers.

Huawei probably didn't release this to rest of the market due to that ban but google play services not being available has defiantly hindered this devices popularity on top of its hefty $2,400 price tag, almost $300-$400 more than the Galaxy Fold.

The China company is also expected to be releasing another foldable phone right after its predecessor, the Mate X, reportedly being called the Mate XS. According to an official filing through a Chinese regulatory agency, the Huawei Mate XS could support 65W charging, which is a huge increase of the 55W charging in the Mate X.