Want to Repair Your Beats By Dre Headphones?

Before You Attempt To Repair Your Beats by Dre Headphones, consider this.

Beats by Dre are high-end headphones. Excellently constructed and deliver high-quality audio, Beats are not immune to damage.  At Tech It, we have witnessed internal issues and system damages for these headphones.

Disclaimer and Warning - Don't try to repair Beats by Dre Headphones yourself.

Just purchased your Beats headphones? Don't try to fix the headphones yourself. Use product insurance instead. Seriously 😊

The warranty for Beats by Dre has several tiers. Some tiers include free replacements and repairs.

If your coverage expires, you can still bring your defective headphones to Tech It Arlington. We can usually fix it, but additional fees may incur.

At Tech It, we STRESS that repairing the headphones by yourself will VOID YOUR WARRANTY. As a certified dealer, we can check the condition and repair your headphones. Apple typically will replace defective units for equal or lesser value at no charge. Please note batteries are not covered by product warranty.

Still want to repair your Beats by Dre yourself? Here is what you need to know.

Beats Headphones are constructed similarly to all audio headsets. The technology is unique. Though it could VOID the warranty, repairing them on your own is still an option. Now if the warranty has expired, feel free to go full DIY.

Common Problems for Beats By Dre Headphones and How To Repair Them.

Tools You Will Need to Fix Your Beats Headphones.

·      Pair of wire strippers

·      ​Wire cutters

·      ​Masking tape

·      Electrical tape

·      Fine grit sandpaper

·      Shrink tubing

·      Soldering kit

How to Fix Beats Headphones: Sound Comes from One Side Only

Start the repair process by connecting the headphone to an audio source, such as an MP3 player or iPod.


Once the music is playing on your headphones, move the wire up and down. You also must bend it every 1/2 inch.Repeat this process several times until you can locate the shorted wires.


Listen to for where you hear sound from both ear cups. Look at the area next to the jack of your headphone. Defects on wires usually happen there.


You need to isolate the damaged area from the rest of the wire by applying masking tape.

Place it on the left and right portion of the defective part, as if you are making a boundary. An inch is perfect.


Take your wire cutters so you can cut out the shorted area. Yes, that is right. Make sure that you cut each side by half an inch.


Using a pair of wire strippers, strip back the shielding on both sides. You do this to expose the wires.


You should be able to see three different wire colors: red, black, or white. Sometimes, you can see a copper wire. BeatHeadphones have a different construction; you might see a different wire scheme.


Once you finish stripping the wire shielding, remove the wires so you can reconnect them.

Take your wire strippers to strip back each of the wires. If the cable of your headphones is small, then you need sandpaper to expose the wiring underneath.


You should see the same varieties of wire colors. Sand carefully to avoid you damaging the wires.


Finish stripping and exposing the wires.Then re-attach the wires. Connect the same colored wires.


Splice or solder the wires together.However, the best method you can use is soldering.

Do some test runs before you wrap up. Make sure that you can hear from both sides of the headphones. Move the wire to see if still some disconnections occur.


If there are none, then your repair is a complete success! Your Beats Headphones are now fixed. Finalize the repaired area by using electrical tape or shrink tubing.

HowTo Fix Beats Headphones: Broken Plugs

Beats Headphones are also susceptible to broken plugs. Even with a sturdy design, plugs can still get damaged. If the plug breaks, replace it with a new one. You can find these parts in audio stores and several online retailers.


Choose a metal plug that has a spring and stereo connection. Make sure it's the same size as your damaged plug. It's typically 3.5mm.


If the plug is molded, detach the old plug by cutting the plug about 1 inch away from the cable. If the plug is screwable, and not visibly damaged, cut it from the wire.


Use wire strippers to strip the wire. You should see two insulated and one unshielded wire. The bare wire (unshielded) is grounded. The remaining wires are for the right and left signals.


Next, fit the parts of the plug to the cable. To do this, you have to unscrew your new plug. Let the end of the cable pass-through to the cover of the plug. We recommend shrink tubing to cover the plug.


The base of your plug should have two pins that are exposed out. If the plug has one pin, you bought a mono aural plug, nota stereo plug. Go get the correct one before you continue.

Sever each of the wires in the cable of your headphones, to attach the probes to the wires

Fix frayed wires to end in a narrow tip.Connect these wires to the jack plug.


The sleeve probe, which is the long metal piece connecting to the bare copper wire. If you can't see any bare copper wire, then connect the plug using striped insulation.


Connect the last two non-insulated wires to the remaining pins of the plug.


Connecting them to the wrong side might switch the left and right audio. You may need to repeat this process to get theBeats by Dre headphones audio corrected.


Clamp the pins to the wire. Take a small vise or clip to keep these parts in place. None of the wires should touch the other two components.


Solder the plug to the wires. Gently sandpaper the edges of the plug.


Repeat this process for the remaining two wires.


Finally, you Beats by Dre repair is complete.Finish by reassembling the cap. Test headphones and make sure the audio is working. If not, recheck the wires.

FinalThoughts on Repairing Your Beats by Dre Headphones

Learning how to fix Beat Headphones is a handy skill. Some repairs are limited because of the headphones design. If problems persist, our professional technicians can fix the problem for you.

If you need assistance with repairing, selling or purchasingBeats headphones Tech It is here to help!