Benefits of Repairing Your iPhone Vs Buying a New Phone

Even when you are extra careful with your phone, you might still end up getting a broken screen. In most of the cases, dropping of the phone isn’t severe, however, in some severe damage is caused to the screen. These minor issues won’t affect your device; on the other hand, few problems are so extensive that it becomes hard to use the iPhone.

There are various places which supply with a cheap iPhone 7 screen repair, beware of them. They might end up violating your Apple and losing all the support. Getting your iPhone 7 repair from a famous place can guarantee it to work even though it’s expensive.

Fortunately, if your screen is still working, you can get your iPhone 7 screen repaired instead of purchasing a new one. Here, are some tips which can help you out when it comes to iPhone 7 screen repair instead of replacing it with a new one:

Cost-effective Reapir's

When your iPhone 7 screen is broken, you can take it to the nearest store to get it repaired. The cost of fixing the damage won’t be that expensive in comparison to purchasing a new one. Let’s say for an example, that damage screen costs you $199 while the buying a new phone can take $400-$500.

Even if you want to buy a new phone, your broken phone might not get much of amount when you sell it. Hence, it cost-effective when you get it repaired instead of shopping for a new one.

Frugal Retail price

If you replace your iPhone with a new one, you will, in a way, end up paying for the full retail price, that is you will get the same phone at a higher rate. Even purchasing a used device can be expensive, and also a brand new phone bought from the store. So, it's wise to get the screen mended when possible and not to buy a new phone.

Insurance Coverage

If you have purchased iPhone insurance through the company itself, you can check in with the firm. Ask them if their warranty policies include screen repair. Most of the insurance companies cover the accidental damage done to the phone.

So, if you have iPhone insurance, ensure that you get all the facts straight before using the coverage. Depending upon the damage, the company might charge some fees, but it will get most of the cost covered. And the price will certainly be lesser than entirely replacing the iPhone with a new one.

Repair Your iPhone

Find the nearby iPhone repair stores instead of going to the Apple shop. You can choose one of the trustworthy and get it repaired with them. Surely the expenses will be lesser than actually replacing the iPhone or getting repaired from the company can be pricey.

However, check the prices and compare them before you go out and get your screen repaired from one of those local shops.

Warranty period

Check if your repair is still considered under warranty provided by the company itself. If it is still under warranty, then get the support directly from the store. The warranty might be from the company you bought your phone from or from an authorized re seller.

One of the best benefits of getting iPhone screen repair from the Apple stores can replace the screen without much time taken.

These are some tips which you can follow, when your iPhone is broken and to get it repaired instead making the cost double and purchasing a new one. After it has been fixed, add a glass protector to keep the screen from cracking to keep it secured. Try out these different options to get your iPhone repaired.


If your iPhone screen is broken and you are stuck behind whether you should get a new phone or get the current device fixed. There are a couple of considerations which you should keep in mind before making the final call.

In general, when your device is working correctly and if only the screen is broken, you probably shouldn’t spend the money on the brand new phone as such, the benefits of doing so as far outweighed by the cost of buying a new one.